Posted on August 17, 2011 4:09 pm

FNCC Board Profiles

Margot Madson

Ms. Madson is from Redding, California. She has a large family: her mother, sister, brother-in-law, four brothers, three nieces, six nephews, and three great-nieces. Marot enjoys attending her day program, taking care of her mother, knitting, cleaning, baking, and shopping. She has been a board member in the past, first joining the board in 2001.

Donald Murphy
Modoc County

Donald Murphy and his wife, Paula, have two adult children, Shawn and Sharina. He resides in Modoc County. Donald is a Doctor of Pastoral Therapy, a Doctor of Clinical Hypnotherapy, and a retired FNRC Service Coordinator. His special interests include: holistic healthcare, sound therapy, farm life, raising llamas and goats, outdoor recreation, playing musical instruments, and auto restoration.

Donald has spent 44 years working for developmentally challenged individuals. He has a strong background in positive programming, program development, behavior management, and human relationships. He is the founder of Dream Motivational Institute / Dream Hypnotherapy.

Susan Hess
Butte County

Ms. Hess notes that her family consists of her husband, Ted, and her cat, Sampson. Ms. Hess is the receptionist at Rowell Family Empowerment of Northern California. She knows sign language and likes to interpret songs. She also likes scrap-booking.

Jennifer Bowman
Service Provider Advisory Committee

Ms. Bowman is the District Services Supervisor at COMPASS, LLC. She is the Service Provider Advisory Committee representative on the Board. She enjoys spending time with her family (Brandon, Samuel and Elizabeth), as well as reading, watching movies and “hanging out” in her community. She is currently attending Bethel School of Ministry. Ms. Bowman worked at FNRC for three years before going to work at COMPASS. She says she enjoyed working at the regional center and she appreciates all of the knowledge she gained there.

Colleen Ryberg
Trinity County

Ms. Ryberg served on the Board several years ago. She is retired as a former Administrative Assistant at the Trinity County Office of Education. Ms. Ryberg has also worked as a Licensed Psychiatric Technician at Sonoma State Developmental Disabilities Center; she was the Coordinator for Trinity County Youth Services; and she worked as a Para-Professional in the schools in Trinity County. Her hobbies include potter, babysitting her grandchildren, taking walks to the river and yoga.

Ronda Dever
Family Advisory Committee

Ronda Dever lives in Butte County. She is the representative of the Family Advisory Committee on the FNCC Board. She lives with her husband, Jim, and her son, Colin, who has autism. Ronda is a wife and mother who loves to camp, read, knit, and spend time with close friends who also have children with development disabilities. They provide support and encouragement to each other. Ronda says, “Our family enjoys spending time together at home. We love to go camping and spending time with our animals in our beautiful community.”

Margaret Shipp
Butte County

Ms. Shipp lives in Oroville, California with her husband and family. She is an RN, a Public Health Nurse, and works in property management as well.

Her interests include gardening, family, swimming, health education, and travel.

Melanie Combes
Tehama County

Ms. Combes represents Tehama County. She’s a retired teacher who worked for many years with adults with disabilities. In her free time, she enjoys reading, gardening, walking and spending time with her family and friends.

Michelle Sedillos
Glenn County

Ms. Sedillos represents Glenn County. She works for the We Care A Lot Foundation as a Life Guide. She sings in a choir and likes scrap-booking with her sisters. She also enjoys People First and plays in the Special Olympics.

Kathryn McCreary
Glenn County

Ms. McCreary is a retired special education teacher. She was an SDC teacher in both Oregon and California for many years and was an RSP teacher for 8 years at the high school level in Chico. She writes curriculum for a wide range of student populations. She enjoys writing and involvement in Amnesty International, Doctors Without Borders, the Retired Teachers Association, and ARP.

Chrissie Clapp
Tehama County

Ms. Clapp’s family includes herself, her daughter and son-in-law, three grandchildren, two dogs, and six cats. She is a retired arts and crafts teacher. She enjoys fly fishing, miniatures, and all forms of arts and crafts.

Suzette Serrano
People First

Ms. Serrano represents People First on the FNCC Board of Directors.

Leslie Coretto
Shasta County

Ms. Corletto’s family includes her husband, Werner, Sr., and her two children, Werner, Jr. and Suzette. She works as a Parent Bilingual Assistant for RFENC. Her special interests include helping her children on the way through life (a learning experience for her as well). She also enjoys reading and embroidery and confesses to being a “clean freak”!

Adam Beals
Siskiyou County

Mr. Beals family includes his father, mother, and sister. He is a client of the Siskiyou Opportunity Center. His special interests include art, computers, reading, and history. He wants to help the disabled in Siskiyou County by being their advocate.

Roger Dale Hatton
Shasta County

Mr. Hatton’s family includes his wife, four grown daughters, and his grandchildren. He is a Lifeguide for disabled adults. His special interests include: soccer, coaching, and football equipment manager at Shasta College… along with being a grandparent!

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