Posted on July 23, 2013 7:06 pm

Emergency/Disaster Plans

Reminder:  Emergency/Disaster Plans                                               July 22, 2013



Dear Vendor:


Far Northern Regional Center recently sent letters to vendors (i.e. residential, SLS, ILS, day programs of various types) requesting they provide FNRC with a copy of their current “Emergency/Disaster Plan(s)” by July 19, 2013. If you received such a letter and have not yet submitted your Plan, please do so no later than August 31.


Plans may be mailed, sent via e-mail or faxed to Far Northern Regional Center 1377 E. Lassen Ave. Chico, CA 95973. Fax number: 530-332-1497; E Mail:


Thank you for helping to ensure emergency plans are current, reviewed regularly and that your staff and consumers are trained in their use. In other words, thank you for doing your part to keep consumers safe during emergencies.