Posted on June 20, 2014 5:22 pm

Live Well: A New FNRC Website

Far Northern Regional Center has a new website to help promote the FNRC Wellness Initiative. The site will provide consumer written articles, an event calendar, and information about new employment opportunities for our consumers. You can view the site at:

The foundation of the FNRC Wellness Initiative is preventative health care and overall personal wellness for individuals who receive FNRC services. Its charge is to create employment opportunities for those who receive FNRC services while addressing health and wellness issues prevalent in our community.  

The FNRC Wellness Initiative has opportunities for regional center funded programs to employ consumers to work on projects associated with health and wellness. These opportunities are only for current regional center funded programs. Consumers will make no less than minimum wage and have the opportunity to develop new vocational skills.

Ultimately, we hope to help each individual involved to Live Well.