Posted on August 17, 2015 3:16 pm

Wellness Committee

In the spring of 2013, Far Northern Regional Center undertook to develop a Wellness Project designed to partner with consumers, service providers and the community to promote healthy behaviors, reduce health risks such as diabetes, hypertension and obesity and enhance personal knowledge of multiple wellness issues for the consumers we serve and their families, service providers, and community members.

A Wellness Project Committee consisting of service providers, consumers, and regional center staff was formed to help guide this project.  There are currently three (3) vacancies on the Wellness Committee. Committee members are currently being sought to fill these vacancies. Committee members are individuals who:

  • Share similar concerns about the health and well-being of consumers and each other;
  • Are challenged and motivated by the idea that together we can accomplish a cultural shift in how we support healthy lifestyles for the consumers we serve and for ourselves; and
  • Have interests, experience, gifts (talents), innovative ideas, time and enthusiasm to share in a potentially life-changing endeavor; have leadership ability and ability to execute ideas and plans.

The committee meets at least quarterly; more often as needed. The Committee member selection process is underway! If you would like to participate on the Wellness Project Committee, please submit a letter indicating why you are interested and what you think you could contribute to the committee’s activities. Please be sure to provide your contact information including your name, agency you represent (if applicable), mailing address, phone number(s) and e mail address.

The target date for review of letters of interest from interested parties is Friday, August 28, 2015.Please send your letter of interest to Far Northern Regional Center, Attn: Kathy Powers, 1377 E. Lassen Ave. Chico, CA 95973 or email your letter to by that date. If you have any questions or need further information, please contact Kathy at her email address or at 530-332-1509.