Posted on December 9, 2015 6:04 pm

Inland Regional Center Update: Move In Postponed

As we move forward here at Inland Regional Center we wanted to bring you up to date on our activities. We had initially hoped to return to our offices in Buildings 1 and 2 this week, however, the repair and cleanup process will take longer than expected. It could be as long as after the first of the year before our offices can be occupied. We are meeting with officials this evening and will have more definitive information shortly. Building 3, where the shooting took place, will remain closed indefinitely.

We are in the process of securing temporary space in the area to house our administrative services.  Please know that none of the financial services – such as payroll, vendor payments, etc. – have been interrupted. 

In addition, we are assessing any additional equipment our staff may need, such as laptops or iPads, that will enable them to continue to access client information and serve our clients’ needs. For those that do need space to conduct in-take meetings for our clients, we are in the process of setting up access at other locations that will allow them to effectively and efficiently serve our clients moving forward.

Clients needing specific information about their services can continue to call their Consumer Services Coordinators as usual, who are able to pick up messages and respond to requests.

We will do our best to keep you updated as we push forward. We continue to work closely with law enforcement officials to support their investigation and provide any assistance they may need. During the early stages of the investigation, we are deferring all media requests to those agencies.

Media Contact:
Leeza Hoyt