Five Valued Experiences

All citizens have better life chances, and everyone’s world grows more interesting, when communities offer rich opportunities for people to have these  five valued experiences

BELONGING   in a diverse variety of relationships and memberships


CONTRIBUTING   by discovering, developing, and giving their gifts and investing their capacities and energy in pursuits that make a positive difference to other people. There are gifts of being and gifts of doing: contributions can include interested presence as well as capable performance. Contributions may be freely exchanged or earn pay


BEING RESPECTED   as whole persons whose history, capacities and futures are worthy of attention and whose gifts engage them in valued social roles


SHARING ORDINARY PLACES   and activities with other citizens, neighbors, classmates, and co-workers. Living, working, learning, and playing confidently in ordinary community settings


CHOOSING   what they want in everyday situations in ways that reflect their highest purpose. Having the freedom, supports, information, and assistance to make the same choices as others of a similar age and learning to make wiser choices over time. Being encouraged to use and strengthen voice regardless of mode of communication, clarify what really matters, make thoughtful decisions, and learn from experiences

“Every person has a higher self that wants to develop. Every place has possibilities for supporting better lives that want to be born”  
-John O’Brien


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