Jeanne Casparino

Meet Jeanne Casparino!

She is a Senior Accounting Assistant in Far Northern Regional Center’s (FNRC) Purchase of Service Department (POS). Jeanne is responsible for entering authorizations for the services that clients of FNRC receive. She also works with our community service providers to make sure they get paid for the services they provide to FNRC clients. She provides back up assistance for her supervisor and assists her with sending out SSP & Personal & Incidental checks to consumers! She is always available to assist her co-workers with questions they might have and is vital to implementing our end of the fiscal year roll over process!

Jeanne is also a loving wife, mother and grandmother. Her co-workers describe her as very dependable with a wonderful work ethic.  She has an infectious laugh and likes to have fun…. It’s rumored she likes to bring her co-workers in the POS Department chocolate candy!

But Jeanne is very humble and when you try and tell her how Awesome she is she responds, “I am awesome because I work with awesome people”.

Thank You Jeanne for all that you do! FNRC would not be the same without you!!!