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Self Determination in California
In October of 2013, Governor Jerry Brown signed SB 468 into law which added to the Lanterman Act a new service option called Self Determination.

What is Self-Determination?
It is a voluntary program choice that provides a family or an individual with an individual budget that they can used to purchase a variety of services and supports to meet their family needs.

What Types of Services Can You Purchase?
For families you can access the services that were taken away in 2009-10. If you recall, they were supports such as social and recreation programs, health clubs, and non-medical therapies such as counseling, music and art therapy.

You will be able to fund creative and flexible services that may not be available in your community at this time.

The federal government will provide a list of services that can be purchased with self determination dollars.

How Can I Learn More?
Click on the following link to the Department of Developmental Services to learn more.
California Department of Developmental Services – Self-Determination Program
Additionally Far Northern Regional Center staff will be visiting people throughout our catchment area to help educate people about self determination and provide an opportunity to participate in the pilot lottery. Before our community meetings we will send an announcement to everyone’s home with the location and time of our meeting.

How Many People will be in the Pilot?
2500 people across the state will be selected by the Department of Developmental Services to participate in a three year pilot. Only 62 people from Far Northern’s region will be selected.

How Big Will My Budget Be?
The first budget will be the same amount of money that was spent by the regional center on your services for the past 12 months. If there is a change in circumstances the amount may be reconsidered.