Giving frees us from the familiar territory of our own needs by opening our mind to the unexplained worlds occupied by the needs of others.

Your Generosity

Due to our national and state recession, many of our clients have needs we cannot meet. Your generosity makes it possible for Far Northern Regional Center to extend special services to our clients. Your tax-deductable contribution can be used to fund equipment, health care, special events and the like, when funding would normally be considered outside the scope of the State of California's Regional Center Contract with our agency.

Monies are also needed to provide emergency food, clothing and shelter in situations where a client lacks appropriate financial resources, alternate private/public funds are unavailable and the regional center is prohibited by law from funding such items.

Also, FNRC can accept your financial help for special programs like the annual Holidays Are For Caring program that provides gifts to people with developmental disabilities during the holiday season who may not otherwise receive gifts. Likewise, donations are accepted to help support the FOCUS Film Festival (see the FOCUS Film Festival site for more information.)

Making A Donation

Simply write your check payable to Far Northern Regional Center and mail to P.O. Box 492418, Redding, Ca 96049-2418. Attention: Cynthia Presidio.

To help us determine the best way to use your gift, you may also send along a copy of this form:

Contributor Statement Of Purpose

You may fill out the form online, print it out, sign and date it, and then mail it along with your donation.

Our Special Holiday Program

Far Northern Regional Center's Holidays Are For Caring Fund is set up to receive donations from individuals, businesses, service providers, families and community members. Holidays Are For Caring Fund monies are used to provide gifts to individuals with developmental disabilities who may not otherwise receive a gift during the holiday season.

This year we have two giving options:

Holidays are for Caring: Brighten the holiday season by funding gifts to people with developmental disabilities who may not otherwise receive a gift this time of year.

Summers are for Camping:Give a gift to a family who will enjoy a summer vacation in one of California’s spectacular State Parks.


You can make a donation to this special fund by writing a check payable to:

Holidays Are For Caring
Far Northern Regional Center
P.O. Box 492418
Redding, CA 96049-2418

We sincerely appreciate and are very grateful for your donations.


We would like to thank the following donors for their assistance in 2014


David and Wendy Bell

G. and K. Jones

Artistic Endeavors

Terence Iwashige

Amy Souza

Linda Trostle

Anne Read

John O'Neill

Mike O'Leary

Eve Ketchum

Lisa Southall

Brian Gage

Helen Sowerby

Tom Sowerby

Community Living Options

Steve Zeigler

Martin Orans

Charles and Megan Samento

Maria Madrigal

Araceli Garcia

Jerry Hanlon

Mary Ann Lucero

Carmen Swarbrick

Katherine Otwell

Leonard and Lynne Spesert

Olive Pharmacy

Roberts Drug Store

John, Benny and Jeffrey Krinkel

Marilynn Richard

Dan and Susan Lowry

Rafael Jara

David Minch

Dave and Diane Lema

Madeleine Caton

Big Time Pest Control

Jeff Walker

Here's The Deal

Sarah May

Alfred and Stefanie McCoy

Gerrit and Family Blankenberg

Diane Tackett

Raymond Thomas

Aurora Declusin

Susan Roberts

Tom and Thelma Davidson

Verdine Mertens

Tim Schromm

Julie Dague

Elaine Shields

Daniel Papadie

Mary Ann Weston

Melanie Combes

Redding Bank of Commerce

Jon and Terri Mishmash

Michael and Gayle Cronic

Compass, LLC

Robert and Marna Carli

Rajeswari Nelson

Virgil Durrett

Kathryn Lowry

Bob, Karen and Michael McGrath

Virginia Chappell

Robert Blaser

Nancy Bacon

Karen and Joe Coker

Notre Dame Care Home Springview Manor

Marty and Debbie Anderson

Efrain Joshue Ramirez Garcia

Sharon Cross

Bob and Debi Graham

Frances Sprain

Randy Haapanen

Mary Carloni

Sandy Elam

Rosa and Jose Rodriguez

Domingo Ramirez Coronado

Colleen Moore

Al Mammone

Domenic and Delcie Console

John and Lidia Cuny

Leonard and Dolly Holloway

Maria and Jose Garcia

John and Suzanne Barlow

Daniel and Joan Strauss

Maria Slater

Buck and Cindy Harness

Rod and Andrea Freitas

Ella Pfeiffer

Joan Goodreau

Ann Hackett

Gloria Carlson

Bob and Judy Beachamp

Brianna Sweet

Bob, Barbara and Michae Buckley

Jeff and Judy Dresen

Judith Ashbaugh

Doug and Joanne Barnes

Karen Bither

Marcus Stuart and Renee Ware

Colleen Ryberg

Alyssa  Shipman

Paul and LorraineTugend

Victoria  Sayer

Mains'l California, LLC

Stephen and Bradley Bell

Mike, Robyn and David Prime

Betty Strand

Kara Moorhouse

Nancy Mantle

Scott Cronk

Karen Lenox

Joe Coe

Linda  Carpenter

California State Retirees Chapter 14

Christy Yoskowitz

Mark and Lizabeth McClain

Jane McCulloch

Claudia Hostetter

Accredited Nursing Care

Shasta Community Health Center

Mary Kaiser

First Transit

Scott Goldschmidt

Denise Darrow

Carol Jackson

Villa Sierra

Lisa Gunn

Florence Jason

Frank Bernhard

Catherine Holloway

Lou Bilotto




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